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Meet The Wedgies

Hello, I’m Daisy King, I am a writer. Alongside writing scripts I founded my ethical homewares company, Wedgie 5 years ago.

Wedgie is an independent British wooden handicraft company, who have close ties with Sri Lanka where our Wedgies are made. We create hand-painted wooden doorstops which are made ethically. Wedgie is proud to be part of an incentive scheme based in Sri Lanka aimed at the empowerment of rural communities.

Unpainted doorstops are delivered directly to employees’ houses, along with paints, brushes and tools. Once painted and completed, the Wedgies are paid for on collection. This allows people in rural communities the convenience of earning an income whilst going about their daily routines. All our door stops are created from responsibly sourced wood and non-toxic paints.

We inject personality and life into all of our products, taking inspiration from the popular cultures of today and yesteryear. We deliver a high-quality, handmade product with excellent design and a sense of humour, that will bring a smile to your face. And with over 50 designs to choose from, you can find a gift for even the most obscure!

@meetthewedgies (for all social media platforms)

[Image Descriptions:

Left: David Bowie and Artist Formally Known as Prince, handprinted door stops. David Bowie has a black and white outfit on and lightning bolt on his face and big red hair. Prince, aka, The Purple one is in his full purple and white outfit, with high quiff hair. They are both hand-painted and made to look like these pop-icons.

Middle: This is Wedgie's LGBTQ+ collection of handmade doorstoppers. With a rainbow background and four hand-painted door stops. Left is Freddie Mercury, second is Ru Paul, then Elton John and on the right is Christoph. Christoph wears a rainbow sleeveless t-shirt and short cut-off denim shorts, with a gold hoop earring.

Freddie is in his yellow trousers and jacket outfit. Ru Paul has big blond hair and tight pastel coloured dress on, with a full face of make up. Elton sports a pink suit and pink hat with piano keys on the hats rim. These are all hand-painted doorstops, painted to look like icons and stereotypes.

Right: This is Wedgie’s Strong Women collection of female identifying handmade doorstops. With a pink background, the door wedges are displayed in a semi circle. From left to right the stand Doctor, Beyonce, Ru Paul, Amy Winehouse, Iris Apfel, Grayson Perry, Frida Kahlo, Wonder Women, Queen Elizabeth and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Doctor is wearing doctors white coat, hijab headscarf and with a stethoscope around her neck.

Beyonce wears a black gold leotard and gold headdress.

Ru Paul has big blond hair and tight pastel coloured dress on, with a full face of make-up.

Amy Wine house wears a short white and black poker-dot dress, with tattooed arms she holds a microphone. She has her signature bog black beehive hair.

Iris Apfel wears big red circle glasses, has lilac-white hair, big string of turquoise beads and bangles and red and black gown.

Grayson Perry wears a red, blue and orange dress with orange bob wig and big bow on their hair.

Frida Kahlo wears a red and blue floor length dress, pinned up black curly hair with her signature flower garden in her hair. She holds a cigarette.

Wonder Woman wears a blue, gold and red leotard, with a red cape and gold hair band.

Queen Elizabeth 2nd wears full length light blue dress, with red sash and crown on her head. She holds a dark blue handbag.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wears her judges uniform. Full length black with white collar, with feminist logo pins on her chest. She has green earrings and short grey / black hair.


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