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Needle and Stem

Hello, I'm Heather and I just thought I’d tell you where @needleandstem well... stemmed from! I am an actor, and had just finished filming a short film before the world came to a halt. During the beginning of the Corona Virus pandemic, I wanted to have a break from scrolling through my phone and netflix, so I picked up a DIY embroidery kit. Well, I fell in love with it! This mindful activity has helped me a lot this past year and I decided to take the plunge and share this with others. I combined my love for house plants, succulents, self empowerment and funny quotes to create my side hustle, Needle & Stem. We sell embroidery kits that are modern and fun, with everything you need to create our designs yourself included in the kit, there is no reason to rush to the shops for your next project! Our kits are perfect for beginners all the way to avid sewers! We have a ranking system for each design; level one is suitable for beginners and new crafters, up to level three for more advanced or for those wanting a longer project. However, as well as our written guides, all Needle & Stem customers have exclusive access to our YouTube channel, with simple tutorials and top tips for each design! Making any design possible to learn for everyone!

[Image description

Left: An embroidery on off white material in a bamboo hoop, of a bright green cacti in bloom. One singular big flower at top of cacti, stitched with bright pink thread. The design has a pink ribbon wrapped around the cactus saying the words "Can't Touch This" in a tattoo like font. All done through different embroidery stitches. Layed around the hoop is a real mini cactus in a pot, embroidery scissors, thread and a houseplant care card for decoration.

Middle: A flat lay of an embroidery kit. A cut out square piece of material with a plant design printed on, saying the words "Say Cheese" with monstera swiss cheese plant repeated around the words. Next to this, a Needle & Stem thank you card with pink, green and white embroidery thread attached. An instruction booklet with the same design pattern as the material lay flat and a bamboo embroidery hoop.

Right: A letter size cardboard box, dressed with tissue paper lay open showing items included in an embroidery kit. Needle & Stem thank you card with light green, turquoise, dark green and white embroidery thread attached through loops on thank you card. 6 inch bamboo embroidery hoop. Underneath this, a folded "You Grow Girl" design on off white material and folded white felt beneath.]


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