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Nora Dancewear

Hello! My name is Eleanor and I am the creator of NORA, a small business that I have

developed since graduating from a degree in Costume Construction.

Finishing my degree in lockdown, I had a small stint working at the Royal Opera House

before theatres shut. I have been unable to kickstart my career in the industry yet and so in

order to keep up my sewing skills and continue developing my creative ability I decided to

create NORA.

Focusing on my passion for dance, the brand celebrates diversity and inclusion by creating

dance wear for all. Alongside releases of rehearsal wrap skirts I am also working on a range

of leotards designed by dancers for dancers. All profits from my newest wrap skirt entitled

‘The Storm Will Pass’ are going to be donated to Acting For Others, supporting theatre

workers. I hope that you enjoy looking through my products and please feel free to get in

touch! Thank you for reading!

Instagram: @noradancewear

Facebook: @noradancewear

[Image Descriptions:

Left: The new limited edition wrap skirt print: energetic brushstrokes on a grey background

which is scattered with bright pink leaves.

Middle: Two more wrap skirts from the ‘Debut’ collection. The fabrics are paisley and leopard

print in pink tones.

Right: A selection of three ballet wrap skirts from the ‘Spring Time’ collection in lemon yellow,

pastel pink and a taupe colour.]


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