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Peggy Sue and Co

Hi! My name is @jyangwestland and I have created my own small love child @peggysueco. Normally I dance and being new to London I found myself in an interesting situation. During one of the many lockdowns I wanted to create something of my own that not only was delicious but also eco friendly. Uniquely I use mostly beautiful antique and vintage upcycled cups as containers for my candles. After the candles are burned then they can be kept and live on in a new life! Peggy Sue's candles are all soy wax and vegan friendly. I have tried my best to be environmentally conscious with every aspect of the process.

And as Peggy always says "Where there's tea there's hope"

FB: Peggy Sue & Co

[Image descriptions:

Left: A very British white teacup and saucer set. Both the cup and saucer have a light pink flower and green leafy steam painted on. The cup contains a white soy wax candle. Decorated with dried purple flowers. A golden teaspoon is rest on the saucer with peppercorns scattered.

Middle: A teacup and two saucer set. The cup contains a white soy wax candle decorated with two small yellow flowers. The cup and saucers are white and wavy in shape with ridges and have a gold trim.

Right: A light blue and purple polka dot yea cup and saucer set. The saucer has a wavy shape to it. The cup contains white soy wax decorated with purple and blue dried flowers.]


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