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Pics by Bobs

Hello! I’m Robyn or Bobs as I’m known to a lot of people. I’m a Freelance Stage Manager, working in both Regional Theatre, Commercial Touring and the West End.

When Boris made his non-announcement on the 16th of March, 2020; I was about to go into a dry tech session for Dumb Waiter at Hampstead Theatre - in fact we did actually give the dumb waiter a go before packing up and shipping out, saying see you soon. Along with the loss of Dumb Waiter I also lost my next gig and found myself at home, just waiting, wondering what I could do..…looking through my computer I decided to turn a hobby into an Etsy shop; and Pics by Bobs was created.

The majority of the photos and cards that I have listed have been taken whilst I have been working away, either on tour or on a short contract. I’ve always been interested in photography, I own several different cameras and make sure I always tour with a camera and try to see as many places as possible; in fact if I’ve worked with you the chances are you have had a photo collage from rehearsals containing images I have taken.

Along with scenic and wildlife photos and cards, I also have a backstage section of theatrical cards and magnets, perfect for all those 1st nights that will be coming soon!

I hope you find something you like, and please get in touch if you would like to discuss having an image printed in a different size or medium.

Find us in the following places:

Instagram @picsbybobs

Facebook - PicsbyBobs

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A picture looking across the River Tyne to the Baltic Centre in Gateshead, with a pink and

blue sunset backdrop and ripples across the water. The colours of the sky and those of the

Baltic Centre reflected in the water, the bridge as the focal point of the print. Presented in a

white wooden frame, with a small PB logo in the bottom right corner.

Middle: A picture of several trees, taken looking upwards, a variety of green leaves and blue sky, evoking a feeling of peace and tranquility. Presented in a black wooden frame, with a small PB logo in the bottom right corner.

Right: Presented on a grey board, next to brown PB initials, a card depicting 2 flamingos in water, standing in profile, one in front of the other, looking either way. Behind the flamingos some mallards in the distance, and underneath the card a brown kraft envelope. Printed from

fully sustainable forests.]


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