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Poppy Makes Masks

Oh hello, so lovely to meet you! . I’m Poppy and when the world is ‘normal’ I‘m kept busy across all areas of costume from designing and making to working as a dresser most recently for The Lion King and soon to be wardrobe assistant on the upcoming UK Tour of Dreamgirls the Musical. In the meantime though, I’ve turned my hand to making reusable face masks. ✂️  . You’ll find me over @poppymakesmasks with a wide selection of patterns, prints and colours to suit your style. Looking for something different? I can up-cycle your own textiles into custom masks. That cushion that doesn’t match the decor any more? That dress you never wear but love the print? Get something unique to you; and save your textiles from going to landfill by giving  them a new purpose! Send me a message to chat over the details. . 129 billion single-use face masks are being used globally. These discarded  items need to go somewhere once they’ve been used and more often than not they end up in our streets, local areas, and in our oceans.Show the planet you care,ditch the single-use and #choosetoreuse


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