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Postcard Colour Club

I am an actor and writer. In between acting jobs, I temp as a PA for offices in London, but over lockdown this came to a halt.

Like everyone, I really missed my friends and family. I became tired of Zoom quite quickly and found I enjoyed writing cards to people. I quickly saw how much pleasure they brought and how it made me feel connected to the outside world.

My partner is a designer and used colouring in as a way to de-stress over lockdown. We suddenly realised we could combine the things we love to do: colouring in and sending cards to people. Postcard Colour Club was born.

Postcard Club Club is for anyone: from 4 year-olds to 84 year-olds. Our postcards are designed by Scott himself and have different themes every month (from dinosaurs to cityscapes) and can be coloured with pens, pencils or paints.

The packs make great presents through the post. But we’ve also designed bespoke postcards for events such as weddings: where guests were given a special postcard to be coloured during the day and then sent back to the couple once they’d recovered from hangovers!

Why do I love the concept so much? Colouring is known to be a calm, mindful activity. Second, you get the chance to have some fun with different colouring styles, techniques and colour combinations. And finally, sending a postcard is a great way to connect with friends, family or colleagues - especially when it's been lovingly coloured! The postcards also come with stamps pre-attached, so when you’ve finished writing, they can be put straight into a letterbox - no need to search for stamps!

[Image Descriptions:

Left: This is a picture of someone writing a message on the back of her (stamped) postcard. In the background, there are the colour pencils and pens, as well as the Postcard Colour box and postcard holder on top.

Middle: This is a picture of what a Postcard Colour box looks like on arrival through your letterbox. There is an example of closed box, with our blue sticker and one box open to show how it looks on the inside. In the open box there is a blank flowers postcard, a postcard holder and a welcome letter. There are also the pens and pencils.

Right: In the middle of the photo there is an example of someone's brightly coloured seaside postcard. They have gone for pinks, yellows and purples. Around this postcard, there is a blank dinosaur and "thinking of you" postcard, as well as the pens, the postcard holder and the Postcard Colour box.]


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