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Pretty in Pim

Hi everyone I'm Francesca from Pretty in Pim which is a small handmade hair accessories business. I make hair accessories for all ages and occasions. I started Pretty in Pim in May 2020 after reaching for various hair accessories to disguise my lockdown locks! As a lover of all things pink and sparkly it has always been an ambition of mine to find a way to be able to work with and create my own pretty and practical accessories. Who knew that a pandemic was just the nudge I needed to get started!

In more normal times as an actor I've enjoyed being in musicals such as Salad Days, Singin' In The Rain, Into The Woods and Wonderful Town. I'm very excited to continue developing Pretty in Pim alongside acting work and seeing where they both take me.

Find me on Instagram: @prettyinpim and Facebook

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A Lilac satin ribbon hairband decorated with pearls, lilac pearls and beads. The hairband is on a bunch of lilac flowers in a heart shape, in a vase, on a wooden table.

Middle: A rose gold metal bulldog hairclip decorated with pale pink pearl beads on a light pink chiffon scarf.

Right: A pink satin twisted ribbon hairband, with pearl beads and pink beads in between the twists in the ribbon. The hairband is on white and pink roses on a wooden table.]


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