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Pretty My Patio

I’ve been doing wigs hair and makeup in theatre specifically for the past five years. West end and until covid, the National theatre. Where I would spend my days making wigs and pieces for the many shows there. Then the evenings, if the show needed, I would be working backstage for the shows. I love being busy and I will say yes to anything that’s creative and does so.

When lockdown happened I spent my time mostly working on the endless list of DIY jobs in my flat. Inc my patio....whilst looking for ideas on Pinterest (as always) I saw some others had painted on top of their concrete outdoor spaces using stencils. My “Battenburg” patio was the perfect candidate. I enjoyed upcycling it so much that whilst doing so @Prettymypatio was created. 

It was creative, I got to work outdoors, and I believe that the stencilling design can really transform outdoor spaces for people on a budget.


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