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Props Without Dialogue

My name's Rebecca and I work front of house and stage crew at the New Theatre in Oxford, and once we open up again I'm hoping to move more towards a stage crew/technician role. I've been drawing headshots of actors for about seven years now for fun, and over lockdown it's been a really good escape for me, and a way to stay creative when I can't put together massive pieces of scenery!

I finally started a Ko-Fi page to take commissions in October 2020, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of bringing people's photos to life. I can offer a variety of sizes and a choice of mediums, and I can do single people, couples, families, drag queens, celebrities, I'll try and turn my hand to anything! Order through my Ko-Fi page, or feel free to send me a message on Instagram @propswithoutdialogue if you have any enquiries or special requests.

[Image Descriptions:

Left: Realistic graphite drawing of an actor in costume for Kinky Boots. Mirror selfie with a sultry expression, heavy drag makeup and blonde ponytail wig.

Middle: Realistic pencil drawing of a male subject, with a neutral expression and short brown hair.

Right: Realistic pencil drawing of a female subject, wearing glasses, with longer brown hair and a big smile.]


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