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Resin Ripples

Hi, I'm Nadia from @ResinRipples. In the normal world I work as a stunt performer but like all that work in the performing industry life threw quite the curve ball this year. Working on and expanding my resin art passion has kept my feet on the ground and my head above water this year. Before lockdown, I'd never really shown my work to anyone, I'd never really thought to, it was just a little hobby of mine that I liked to play around with. But during lockdown life as we all knew it changed suddenly and very dramatically. After quite a bit of hesitation, but due to seeing so many others in my position start to express their side hobbies I plucked up some of my own courage, and Resin Ripples was born. Since March the response to my work has utterly blown me away and also pushed me to create so much more than I believe I otherwise would have. Now I have a successful little Etsy shop and a whole range of resin art products from tables to ring holders, bookmarks to serving boards, clocks to trinket shells and the list goes on! I'm honoured to be featured on this marvellous page alongside so many other creative and talented people. The online start up and small business community has been a real comfort to me this year. So hello to all of those I've met already, and lovely to meet you to the ones I haven't yet x

Instagram: @resinripples


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