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Rufus Wright

Hi, I’m an actor- I’ve appeared in five West End shows, including The 39 Steps, Frost/Nixon and The Audience, in which I played David Cameron and Tony Blair here and on Broadway. I’ve worked in most London theatres and several across the UK, and have always enjoyed sketching backstage. Actors, inexplicably, quite like having their portraits painted... In lockdown I’ve been painting quite a number of portraits, often of children, frequently of much loved animals, parents and recently even aged and treasured soft toys. I also do lettering and calligraphy.

I work from photographs and can usually turn a painting around in one or two weeks.

Obviously it’s too late to commission me to paint something for Christmas at this stage – but if you’re still looking for a special present for someone, I can email you a bespoke voucher to say ‘this entitles you to have a portrait painted by RGW, to be completed in 2021. Giving someone a portrait of a family member means a huge amount to people. 

Head to my Instagram profile to get more of a flavour of my work: simple sketches start at around £200, portraits in ink are £500 and soft toys and pets are £400. All unframed.

I’m very happy to spread the cost of payment over 2 or 3 months if it’s helpful. 

Contact via Instagram or email


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