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Sam Lights

When I found my career as a Lighting Designer suddenly put on hold early this year I was left without any income or anything to do. Not wanting to sit idle I decided to follow an idea I had been thinking on for some time- with all the skills I have earned from a long career in theatre, and with a passion for light, why not combine these skills to design, make, repair and restore all manner of lights and lamps. I love putting light on a stage but I was excited to start thinking about putting light into people’s homes- a whole new audience! So this year I have had the space to take that idea all the way to having an online micro business. In my Etsy and eBay shops I have a selection of vintage restorations, new lamp designs and some very interesting repurposed items that now make lovely lamps. I also offer a repair or restoration service to help people get back their much loved lamps and to do that little bit to try to reuse and repair wherever we can. My items are always growing, and many new listings are getting ready for these long nights and festive thoughts- please do check my online shops regularly, or even consider following them to get updates on new items. And of course, being a theatre creative, collaboration is in my blood- I would be delighted to take on any scale of commission- whether you’d like a treasured item turned into a light, or a whole new interior lighting look, I am happy to talk about any ideas you’d like lighting up. Just drop me a message or send me an email


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