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Sewn Sweetly My Love

Hello, my name is Gianna. And before lockdown I was a freelance costume maker who graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama !

At the beginning of lockdown I began to notice just how much household waste I was creating. When you're out and about, when your rubbish goes into someone else's bin, you don't notice it. But when your 'throwaway' attitude is right in front of you, it's hard to ignore ! Therefore, I decided to start sewing myself 'unpaper towels.' They were so effective that I began getting requests from family and friends. That's when "Sewn Sweetly, My Love" was created !

Since the first set of unpaper towels, I have branched out into reusable face pads, snack bags, produce bags, nappies, and much more ! The amount that we are able to save from landfill daily, just by switching one aspect of your routine, is amazing!

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