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Speckle and Bloom

Hello! My name is Amy and I create hand painted plant pots that are all dreamt up, designed, painted and shipped from my little London flat. Before covid times you’d have found me hidden in the shadows of a theatre being a Deputy Stage Manager. When theatres closed, I tried to find ways to keep myself busy and as a result of that, Speckle and Bloom was created. Each design is hand painted, meaning that each pot is completely unique. As well as an existing range, bespoke designs and commissions are available – I can work with you to create a design from scratch, change the colours of an existing design to match your décor, paint onto a different size…the sky’s the limit and I would LOVE to hear your ideas.

Since starting up this side hustle I’ve been inspired by everything, I notice colours and patterns everywhere and it is super exciting. Speckle and Bloom gives me a much needed outlet to be creative and artistic, while also giving my mind the perfect opportunity to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time (unheard of for a DSM!)

Head over to my website for more details:

Amy x

Photo credit: @rls_arts

Instagram profile: @speckleandbloom


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