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Springfield Textiles

I have been a professional singer for most of my life but for the last few years have been running community choirs. Eight years ago we moved to mid-Wales where we run music and arts workshops from our home and rent out a shepherd's hut. The pandemic put a stop to all of this (although our choir sessions have moved onto zoom which is a mixed blessing) and so I turned to designing myself the boho nightie. I have since opened an Etsy shop with my range of hand-block printed Indian cotton and now linen. You can pop out to the shops in all of these items, mix them into your current wardrobe or relax in the generosity of the fabric to bring ultimate comfort and luxury. is the website for what we do here (in 'normal' times!) is the shepherds hut we rent out on our land

my instagram is @springfieldtextiles @springfieldarts @cabanybryn


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