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Hello! Welcome to Star Style Home. We make custom zodiac constellation inspired pieces - mostly hand painted, embroidered canvases!

I’m Eloise and I am a Wigs assistant. Following graduating two years ago from @solentuniversity after studying Make-up and Hair design, I began working in the industry on the West End and Touring - with my most recent job being The Bodyguard UK and Japan tour. I was due to start another, however, the announcement of the closing of theatres came on my first day of my new tour - meaning I had my first day of my new job and my last all in one day!

Like everyone I was on a mad one trying to keep myself busy during lockdown and redecorating seemed a good idea. I was looking for something in particular and couldn’t find what I was looking for so I made it myself - and here the embroidered constellation canvas was born! 

I’m the fussiest person in the world so going into this, although I loved one style, I knew it wouldn’t be for everyone. As a result of this, I strive to make each piece as custom and as personal as possible to ensure it meets their wants and needs 🥰 Any colour base, any thread colour & your choice of constellation(s)! 

I hope you enjoy our page and have a look through our products and pieces! If you do like anything, they are all available to purchase via our Etsy page (search: StarStyleHome). Alternatively you can drop me a message on Instagram, too! Happy shopping - Eloise ⭐️🖤

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With thanks to Mike and Judie Saunders for their financial support of this project. 

Not On The West End is a registered Etsy Affiliate. When you buy something having clicked through from this site we make a very small amount of money. This does not charge either sellers or customers, but rather Etsy themselves. This money will be used to maintain the website and keep the project running. 

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