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Star Style Home

Hello! Welcome to Star Style Home. We make custom zodiac constellation inspired pieces - mostly hand painted, embroidered canvases!

I’m Eloise and I am a Wigs assistant. Following graduating two years ago from @solentuniversity after studying Make-up and Hair design, I began working in the industry on the West End and Touring - with my most recent job being The Bodyguard UK and Japan tour. I was due to start another, however, the announcement of the closing of theatres came on my first day of my new tour - meaning I had my first day of my new job and my last all in one day!

Like everyone I was on a mad one trying to keep myself busy during lockdown and redecorating seemed a good idea. I was looking for something in particular and couldn’t find what I was looking for so I made it myself - and here the embroidered constellation canvas was born! 

I’m the fussiest person in the world so going into this, although I loved one style, I knew it wouldn’t be for everyone. As a result of this, I strive to make each piece as custom and as personal as possible to ensure it meets their wants and needs 🥰 Any colour base, any thread colour & your choice of constellation(s)! 

I hope you enjoy our page and have a look through our products and pieces! If you do like anything, they are all available to purchase via our Etsy page (search: StarStyleHome). Alternatively you can drop me a message on Instagram, too! Happy shopping - Eloise ⭐️🖤


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