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Hello, I’m Carly and I run @stitch._studio from my home in Bedfordshire.

Before Covid, I was working as a wardrobe assistant on Les Misérables in the freshly renovated Sondheim Theatre. Prior to this, I worked as a swing dresser on the original Les Mis, deputy head of wardrobe on the Les Mis Concert, and also worked as a freelance alterations assistant.

Running my own embroidery business was always a little dream for me, and the first lockdown gave me the opportunity to take the plunge and turn it into a reality.

Stitch.Studio is both a shop and an embroidery service. On the shop side, I sell embroidered organic cotton clothing, featuring my own designs, through Etsy & Depop, along with handmade, personalised and embroidered gifts such as bags, face masks and pet bandanas. On the embroidery service side, I digitise logos and designs, and turn them into embroidered clothing or items for both individuals and businesses.

If you’re interested in getting your logo or design embroidered onto clothing, please get in touch for a quote.

Instagram - @stitch._studio

Facebook -


LEFT - A folded black sweatshirt is centred on a pink background. The sweatshirt features a large embroidered area across the front chest, which is made up of brightly coloured geometric shapes and lines in a memphis style pattern. In the bottom right corner is the Stitch.Studio logo.

MIDDLE - Image is split into four sections, with the Stitch.Studio logo circled in the centre. The top left image is the bib of a black apron, featuring an intricate floral and text logo embroidery for Finch & Garter Cakes. Top Right is a close up of the front of a grey hoodie, featuring a colourful illustration style logo embroidery for Resolve to Play. Bottom left is the back of a bottle green polo shirt, with a gold rake and shovel gardener logo with a phone number underneath. Bottom right is a white embroidered logo for a make up and beauty business featuring an eye image, on a black beauty tunic.

RIGHT - A pointed, flag shaped wall hanging, on a white wall. The wall hanging is brightly coloured and features embroidered appliqué images of a couple cradling a baby under a rainbow, surrounded by rabbits, a unicorn, a dog, flowers, bees and birds. The wall hanging is framed by two palm plants. In the bottom right corner is the Stitch.Studio logo.]


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