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That's Theatre, Darling Podcast

That’s Theatre Darling is a podcast founded by Amy Slater, a Freelance Deputy Stage Manager who has worked in the industry for just under ten years, working on a variety of shows at venues such as Shakespeare’s Globe, Hampstead Theatre, and the Orange Tree Theatre along with many other wonderful places.

That’s Theatre Darling is a podcast that shouts from the rooftops about the wonderful, magical world of theatre. And most importantly, the people. The people who make it happen, with their passion, sweat, tears, unrivalled skills and relentless hard work. They are the heart of it all.

You wouldn't get the dazzling, captivating, unforgettable shows that you endure the uncomfortable seats and overpriced sweets for, if it weren't for them. So it's time to meet them, properly. Not just a fleeting glance of a name in a programme, a full on deep dive into their thoughts, experiences and a whole heap of theatrical anecdotes. You can find the podcast on all your usual podcast players… and make sure you hit subscribe! Click here to go zoom straight over to Apple Podcasts:

Instagram profile:    // @thatstheatredarling


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