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The Cake Man


My name is JP, and I’m ‘The Cakeman’! Pre-lockdown I had recently come off my 2nd contract in Mamma Mia! on Royal Caribbean as the Dads Understudy/Ensemble. 

During the 1st lockdown I was bored and started baking for family and friends for something to pass the time. I quickly realised I had a knack for it. After much encouragement and cut to a few months later, I now I sell, package and post nationwide! I also just completed my first international delivery to France too. I’ve recently branched out into big celebration cakes.

The Cakeman is all made at home in my tiny, tiny kitchen. I honestly don’t know how I do it all in there. My wife has had a few words to say regarding my organisation of all my ingredients, so she decided to help me to organise it wonderfully. Speaking of my wife, her name’s Ashley and has now also started to help me with my big celebration cakes. It allows her to fulfil her artistic side as she’s now left performing. We’re a team together again, we shared the stage and now we share this which I love.

Moving onto my products, they aren’t supposed to look pristine, and identical. I’ve gone for a rustic look. I didn’t want them to look that they are produced in a factory. Homey, packed with a lot of love and full of flavour is how I like to describe ‘The Cakeman’. The feedback I get is so wonderful and I’m overjoyed when I hear how much they are enjoyed. 

So if you’re in a position to order please just DM me on Facebook or Instagram on @thecakemanwirral. If you’re not I’d appreciate a follow or a share. If you already follow me, thank you and enjoy the journey and maybe I’ll see you in my DM’s for a cheeky order? Big love to all of you, we will get though this, but for now let’s enjoy exploring each other's interests or passions.


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