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The Lane Fine Jewelllery

My name is Cat Fiabane and in normal times I'm the DSM on the smash hit show 'The Book of Mormon'. Since the theatres went dark in March I've taken the opportunity to study at the British Academy of Jewellery and have retrained as a Goldsmith.

My pieces are made from ethically sourced gemstones, and all of my precious metals are recycled, recovered anywhere from old unwanted jewellery to computer chips and catalytic converters.

I started by making rings, earrings and bracelets set with precious stones, but at the moment I'm beginning to perfect my wax carving technique, where a wedding band is carved to fit out of wax and then cast into the clients precious metal of choice. I'm discovering the different curves and textures that are possible are almost limitless and it's really inspiring me.

While having someone buy an original design is thrilling, I've found that my favourite part of the creative process is working together with a client to design a bespoke piece for someone that they love. We talk about their partner, friend or family members personality and interests, then through mood boards, sketches and final design proposals we forge a unique piece of jewellery that is perfect just for them.


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