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The Sun and Moonflower


My name's Elizabeth and Welcome to the Sun and Moonflower.

I’m a Costume Production Graduate and a Dresser in the West End. I’m currently on the production of Pretty Woman at the Piccadilly Theatre.

The Sun & Moonflower is a sustainable hand made business giving old fabric and materials a new story.

The Sun & Moonflower will incorporate sustainable material in each of its products. Whether it’s repurposed fabric or upcycled garments to give them new life for you to love.

According to the Clothes Aid website: 350,000 tonnes of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year.

Whilst the Theatre World is on pause, I have created The Sun and Moonflower in order to do my small but worthwhile part to help towards eliminating these figures.

I hope you enjoy The Sun and Moonflower as much is I enjoy creating it.

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