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The Sustainable Book Club

Hi! I'm Charlie and I'm @sustainablebookclubuk!

Before The End Times I was an actor, writer and bar-worker (in that order in my mind, but not necessarily IRL). I was in the middle of a national tour when lockdown hit, and - for the first time ever - had acting work booked in for the entire rest of the year without any gaps. Lololol. As I watched each job get cancelled, and spent more and more time just staring at the walls and crying, I somehow managed to come up with the idea for The Sustainable Book Club.

My mum and dad (a wig maker and an actor respectively) left me a lot of books when they died, and I'd been carrying them around for a decade. I had the idea of picking one out and gifting it, with a number of sustainable treats, as a little care package for a few of my friends, all in eco-friendly packaging. These went down a treat, so I turned it into a business! All contents are either vintage, second-hand, sustainable, eco-friendly, good for the planet or good for you, and sometimes all of the above!

Boxes start at £10 for one-offs and I also offer 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions! 10% of profits goes to charities (at the moment @actingforothers and @crusecare). Find me at Email me at I also have an Etsy shop if you prefer that:


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