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West End Turns

Hi there, I'm Matt I run @westendturns

Prior to the pandemic I was settling into becoming a freelance production carpenter after over 15 years working in the West End, with more than half of that time being at the Queens Theatre (now Sondheim).

I’ve been woodturning for around 10 years as a hobby and planned on doing this back in 2012 when I was given my yellow ticket of leave after over 8 years working on Les Misérables, but I never had the time to commit to it, only making for friends and family. Who'd have thought all it would have taken was a global pandemic! COVID-19 has had a drastic impact for all theatre and entertainment workers and as a freelancer it has meant almost all my work dried up. One of the few upsides to this is I had more time to pursue my love of woodturning and actually produce items to sell, something that has been requested in the past but I've never had the time to do!

I’m a massive hoarder and can’t bare to see good wood be thrown away so the majority of what I produce is from recycled and reclaimed local materials, some of which has been saved from the theatres and shows that I have been involved with over the years. I will normally be able to give some history to where each piece has come from. I also volunteer in a local woods and am fortunate enough to be allowed to removed some bits that we clear from there.

I produce a wide range of items from pens to boxes and bowls and many things in between, always looking to add new designs and ideas. So feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you have in mind!

I can be found at:

@westendturns on Instagram and Facebook

With theatres starting to open up again I’ve been lucky enough to find some work back in the West End for a short period so do not have the time to produce new items at the moment but will be back in my workshop later in the summer. However please feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

[A round wooden tea light holder centred on a white background. The wood is two toned, dark brown on the left, lighter brown on the right. It is trimmed around its diameter with 3 loops of rope. In the middle of the holder is a glass insert with a small white tea light candle sat inside]

[A wooden bowl made of oak centred on a grey background, the bottom of the bowl is an amber colour, turning to yellow in the middle. The rim of the bowl is trimmed with dark brown bark]

[A wooden pen with a rose gold clip and end cap, engraved with “Queens 1907” sits in a black box with a black strap retaining the pen. Behind is a certificate of authenticity on white card with a black boarder. In opposite corners of the certificate are images of the Queens Theatre and some wooden beams. In the centre is some black text describing the history of the wood. All set on a white background] #woodturning #woodenbowls #woodwork #woodenpens #woodturnersofinstagram #handmade #woodcraft #lathe #homedecor #maker #carpenter #bowlturning #handcrafted


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