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Hi I’m Ella of @whaleboneuk and I am normally a Wiggie. I’ve toured for years and had recently left a full time position at Phantom of the Opera in the west end to begin my freelance journey (which was very short lived!).

I started knitting when I was young and picked it back up again during lockdown after my boyfriend started and reminded me of how good it is! I quickly ended up with more hats than any one human needs so decided to start selling them. Alas, Whalebone was born!

My hats are all made using 100% wool which means they are super soft and super warm.

I am a lover of the outdoors and wanted to focus peoples attention on the positivity of nature whilst we were all locked up indoors and was able to do so with my knitwear.

You can find us on:

And you can contact us about custom orders on Instagram or via email:

[Image Descriptions: Left: 3 beanies in a line hovering in mid air, set against out of focus chalky white cliffs and the sea on an overcast day. The hat on the left is grey, the one in the middle is orange and the one on the right is yellow.

Middle: 3 photographs set as a collage. The top left image is a close up portrait of a woman wearing a beige patterned wool beanie with a dark leather label over her left eye. Set against a bright washed out background outdoors. The bottom left image is a woman wearing a bright pink woollen beanie with the label over her left eye. Set against a bright washed out background outdoors. The 3rd image on the right of the frame is long and of the back of a woman. She has a bright blue coat on and is wearing a pale grey wool beanie with a fluffy pom pom on top. Set against a warm washed out beach scene.

Right: Close up portrait of a man outside set against some out of focus trees. He wears a green woollen beanie with a leather label over his right eye.]


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