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Wife of Brian

Hello! My name is Vicky Eames, known to lots of other theatre folk as Veames.⁠

I’ve worked as a freelance DSM for over 15 years and when we went into lockdown we were three days away from Press Night of ‘The Seagull’ at The Playhouse Theatre in the West End.⁠

Like most people in our industry I’m not very good at doing nothing, so early on in lockdown I started making hearts and teddies for hospitals. This then spurred me to reopen my Etsy shop, Wife of Brian, initially selling masks and then diversifying into whatever quirky and colourful knitted and crocheted ideas popped into my mind! I originally created Wife of Brian about ten years ago, specialising in knitted facial hair (hence the name), which led me to publish the book ‘Knit Your Own Moustache’. These days my designs are less niche, but you will still see some classic knitted moustaches and fancy dress pieces amongst my products!⁠

I have found crafting to be very therapeutic and good for my mental health, particularly over this last year, so you’ll often see my just-for-fun makes on my Instagram page as well. I can’t recommend crafting enough and to that end I’ve just started putting together knitting and crochet kits!⁠⁠⁠



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