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Wren & Thistle

I set up Wren & Thistle back in London as a way to be more productive during my daytime, and since moving home I have continued to slowly grow my business alongside my costume work. 

It began with bunting. When I was asked to make 102m worth in order to decorate the marquee for my brother’s wedding. Bespoke orders followed for new babies, birthdays and anniversaries. Since then, I have been adding gifts, accessories and homewares, and of course now face masks! I like to find a use for every scrap of fabric, so I’m always investigating new ideas in order to achieve this. 

Like all of us know, the pandemic has taken away all of our work (for now!), so I’m making the most of this time by continuing to build my brand. I have a lot of ideas for where I would like it to be and now have the time to get it there. 


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