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Your Little Theatre

My name is Emily, and I hail from West Yorkshire. I am an alumna of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), and am currently studying for my BA in Acting at Drama Studios London. Theatre has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember; throughout the years of amateur theatrics, intensive study, and genuine personal enjoyment, I have amassed a large collection of playtexts both modern and classical, musical theatre scores and I’m always on the lookout for something new and fresh. As I’m sure many of you can relate, however, this has cost me a small fortune both in terms of money and time. Each new play can cost upwards of £15.00, not to mention the hours of time wasted on trawling through various websites for new material, riddled in self-doubt, and placing my money into the hands of big businesses whose interest in my creative development doesn’t extend beyond their algorithms and advertising revenue. This is where Your Little Theatre makes its grand entrance…

My goal was to create a brand that was eco-friendly, supported other creators and small businesses, and was affordable to the kind of student like me, who just wants access to new reading material without breaking the bank. The creative arts industry is a beautiful one, but it is also an arena of exclusivity, and in starting Your Little Theatre I hope to widen participation and access so that everyone knows they have the right to love and participate in theatre, regardless of their background.

Our product ranges are all diverse and affordable, perfect for creativity on a budget with "Blind Date with a Play" costing only £5 where you will receive a handpick preloved play. Whether you’re a student simply trying to survive a round of Drama School auditions with our audition kits including a classical and contemporary text with loads of trinkets from some of our small business crew costing only £22, or just seeking that perfect gift for the thespian in your life with our mystery box only costing £16 includes a preloved play plus trinkets from our small business crew (plus you can add a gift message free of charge), Your Little Theatre has got you covered


[Image Descriptions:

Left: A cardboard box is placed on cobbled stones displacing within the box various items including a mask which is red saying "we want to get back to rehearsal so cover your bloody nose" from @geeksheek, hot chocolate, sticker of a bear from @luckypuppress and a postcard from @helloyouhndmadeco. Along with Tote bag with the company logo on. At the back of the book is two plays wrapped in brown paper with a stamp at the top saying from your little theatre"

Middle: Your Little Theatre Logo. Is black and white with stage curtains and in the middle of the curtains says the business name Your Little Theatre

Right: Our postage paking which is a cardboard box with our logo of black and white with stage curtains and in the middle of the curtains says the business name Your Little Theatre is held up to the blue sky with a hand which also holds a play wrapped in brown paper which has stamped on it from your little theatre.]


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