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Break A Leg Cards

Returning to theatre after such a long break, we are all going to need a little luck and love, so why not check out some of the best opening night cards to send to your favourite people on their first show back.  

Welcome Back Theatre Card London Paperie

London Paperie

Take a look through London Paperie's wonderful collection of theatre themed cards. With a design for every occasion, debuts, pantos, operas and plenty to welcome us back to theatres. As well as some with cheeky reminders (Press Night! Don't call in sick tomorrow!). 

Cards are £2.80 and available from

Drawn at the Half

Looking for the perfect card to express how you feel to your fellow company members when you've made it through tech and previews and opening night has arrived? Then Drawn at the Half has the perfect blend of beautiful design and blunt declarations, be that 'Don't Be Shit.' or 'Sorry for what I said when we were teching.


Cards are £2.50 each or 3 for £6 via Etsy

Three cards on an orage background. The top centre card has a confetti design and says 'Thanks for washing my pants'. The left card has a botanical print and says 'Sorry for what i said when we were teching'. the right card has a floral print and says 'Don't be shit'.

Amy Kelly Draws

The Show Must Go On range from Amy Kelly Draws has her original design that has been raising money for Acting For Others for the last year, with new designs to celebrate getting back into theatres and is a great way to send your luck and love to friends and colleagues getting shows back on. 

The cards are £2 each or 3 (1 of each design) for £5 plus £1 shipping, available from Etsy. All profits going to 'Acting for Others'. 

Hello You Handmade Co

This beautiful water colour illustration of a dressing room table from Hello You Handmande Co is a fabulous new addition to the range of art and postcards they offer, (including beautiful musical theatre inspired cards that you should definitely check out!)

Break A Leg cards are £3.50 from Etsy.

A white cards with a watercolour drawing of a dressing room table with 'break a leg x' written on the mirror. The card is on a white table next to a vase.


This gorgeous card from Ellastrations is printed hand lettering of all West End theatre names, and is both a beautiful good luck card, and a wonderful piece of art to keep.

Cards are available on Etsy for £6. 

Cressida Cards

This pack of theatre themed postcards welcomes everyone back to the theatre, and – even better – the full cost of each pack will be used to support the development of a brand new play! The designs are hand drawn and printed on thick card, sized A6.

They are available through at £3 for 2 or £6 for 4. 

image5 (1).jpeg


Get completely personalised hand drawn cards from Jo Herbert Makes for totally unique cards in her gorgeous water colour and ink style. 

Contact Jo on Etsy or Instagram to commission your personalised cards. Packs starting from £12.50 and single cards starting from £3.50

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