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As theatres are finally reopening it seemed only appropriate to put together a little guide of Back to Work essentials, Opening Night Pressies and Press Night Party Accessories. 

Three cards on an orage background. The top centre card has a confetti design and says 'Thanks for washing my pants'. The left card has a botanical print and says 'Sorry for what i said when we were teching'. the right card has a floral print and says 'Don't be shit'.

Returning to theatre after such a long break, we are all going to need a little luck and love, so why not check out some of the best opening night cards to send to your favourite people on their first show back.  

happy birthday.png

If you need the perfect present for your favourite department, they are bound to love a sweet treat or boozy drink from one of our fantastic businesses, plus a couple for those who you aren't sure will love sugar and alcohol! 

Large orange and gold statement earrings on a beige fabric background.

Look fabulous and completely unique for every press night party with beautiful accessories - you might even see the person who made them by the bar!

Two ringbound notebooks with 70s inspired geometric patterned covers.

As we head back into work after such a long absence, we had better make sure we are all prepared to get back into the swing of things with everything we need! 

A wooden doorstop painted to look like William Shakespeare, on a lilac background and tucked under a white door.

We are back in theatres and it's time to really make it feel like your second home again. Check out some of the little necessities from our businesses. (We might be stretching the meaning of necessities, but you're going to want this stuff, and you deserve a treat.)

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