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Dressing Room Essentials

We are back in theatres and it's time to really make it feel like your second home again. Check out some of the little necessities from our businesses. (We might be stretching the meaning of necessities, but you're going to want this stuff, and you deserve a treat.)


Crafty Ashleigh

A fresh start back in your dressing room needs a fabulous new make-up bag. This one from Crafty Ashleigh is fully lined and quilted, for durability. It has a make up brush roll (with slots for up to 5 brushes) attached to the base of the bag, which wraps around to close at the front with button and elastic detail. The bags are machine washable, so no need to worry about spillages.

Available for £19.99, in a variety of fabrics, from Etsy

Meet the Wedgies

You don't always want a stage weight sitting there ready for you to stubb your bare toes on, so why not get a stagey friend to keep the air flowing through your dressing room, company office or laundry room. Meet the Wedgies offers a great selection of door wedges to suit any taste, but who wouldn't want old Shakesy P watching over you as you head to stage? 

Door stoppers are £16 from

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-12 at

Amanda M Ceramics

On a two show day you sometimes just need a giant mug of coffee to get through that second show, especially after more than a year away from an eight show week. Amanda M Ceramics hand makes small batch ceramics, so each piece is unique, and no one can claim they thought your mug was theirs!

Mugs cost £25 and are available on Etsy.

Sewn Up By Jen

Time away from the industry has given us all time to think about how we are going to come back better, and there are little changes you can make, such as using reusable make up remover pads. These ones from Sewn Up By Jen are a great alternative - bigger than most and with a finger pocket for greater control. 

A pack of 3 costs £7, available in a wide selection of patterns, from

Make Up remover pads - SewnUpByJen.png
Light Box Mini Stage Door Staged.jpeg

Practically Perfect LX

The Practically Perfect way to bring some light and joy to your office or dressing room is one of these brilliant Stage Door light boxes, for only £15, or from £35 you can get a completely personalised light box - maybe "Sound Dept" would good up in lights! Or one of their scrabble tile style lights for claiming your dressing room table (and helping your dresser remember where you sit!).

The mini stage door light box are available from for £15.

Amy Lou Creates

These hand painted trinket dishes from Amy Lou Creates are perfect for keeping your personal jewellery from being lost in a dressing room. You can make sure you know where you've put them and have a beautiful colourful dish to brighten up your dressing table. 

Trinket dishes come in a variety of floral styles for £12.99 on Etsy

IMG_0567 (2).jpeg

Emma's Earth Shop

Another one for the eco-concious, Emma's Earth Shop specialises in reusable replacements for single use items, and this pack of un-paper towels is perfect for anyone who likes to keep their workspace clean - or anyone who knows they have a habit of being a bit messy. They are perfect for wiping down tables or make-up debris or spilled dinner, without creating unnecessary waste. They are available in a variety of great fabrics too.

Un-paper towels come in packs of 8 for £15 via Etsy 


In lockdown a lot more of us have become avid plant parents and you might want to spread this new botanical obsession back into theatre with you! (Or if you have one of those infamous windowless/underground dressing rooms, get a fake plant just for the vibes) But whether real or faux, let your plants sit in style in one of Crock-A-Shwt's fantastic plant pots! All of them are hand thrown and hand painted, so they are entirely unique!

Plant pots are £18 on Etsy 

image2 (1).jpeg

NLH Handmade

The perfect blend of useful for both opening night and the whole run, and beyond! This reusable gift basket is a great eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper or cellophane and is great for dressing room storage after, if you need somewhere to keep your bits and bobs from taking over your desk. Available in a selection of fabrics!

Reusable gift baskets start at £7 via Etsy 

Cloth and Clay

We've all had the days when we just need to rest up between shows on whatever patch of floor, desk, or set bed you can find. Make those naps a little more comfy and a lot more stylish with one of these gorgeous linen cushion covers from Cloth and Clay. 

Cushion covers are available for £20 via Etsy 

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