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Cressida Cards

Hi, I’m Cressida and I run @cressidacards selling unique and personal cards, stationery and wall art. Before the pandemic I’d just become a freelance writer, having previously worked at the National Theatre as a fundraiser whilst writing and making shows in my spare time. So

when lockdown hit, all of my work was cancelled and I fell through the gaps of financial support. That’s when CressidaCards was born!

My cards and prints are all hand-drawn and inspired by arts and culture, so there’s a big focus on theatre, film and tv in my designs. My first design was a map of over 100 theatres in London, and continues to be a bestseller. I’ve now also created a map of regional theatres, as well as drawings of individual theatres available ready-to-buy or by request. I create bespoke pieces too, from occasion cards to illustrated passages of literature and

wedding stationery.

I’ve loved being able to help people send something special – and affordable! – to those they love during a time when it wasn’t possible to be together. Now that theatres are open again, far from winding down, I’m scaling up and adding new designs all the time.

If you want to know more, or would like to talk to me about a bespoke piece, visit my website or drop me a line

[image description: three illustrated cards stand on a table. The first features the TV

character Fleabag wearing a party hat; the second has the quote ‘Art wins in the end’; and

the third shows the Palace Theatre with a canopy bursting from its roof. Behind them sits a

blonde woman smiling.]

[image description: a ladder shelf leaning against a wall. On the top shelf is a framed

portrait print of an illustrated map of regional theatres arranged in the shape of the UK. On

the shelf below is a framed landscape print of an illustrated map of London theatres.]

[image description: on a shelf stands a Japanese peace lily next to a framed square

illustration of theatres and treetops against the night sky. Above, a framed drawing hangs

on the wall, featuring the poem ‘Ode to an artichoke’ illustrated with bright fruit and



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