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Dainty Daisy Studio

Hi, I’m Kayleigh and I run Dainty Daisy Studio.

Pre-covid I worked as a dresser, maker and designer in theatre and screen. I most recently was dressing for a Phantom Of The Opera at Curve Theatre, Leicester when coronavirus hit and theatres had to close. Like many others, during the first lockdown, I started my own business as a way to keep busy and creative, opening my shop in May last year. I make fun and funky jewellery and accessories, for the perfect statement pieces to wear. I mainly work with resin and clay but I hope to expand with new and exciting products such as prints and other homeware soon!

I am also open to custom pieces so if there's something you'd love making, you can drop me a message and I would love to make your dream pieces!

Thank you for reading, stay safe x

You'll find me on:



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