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Eric and Ernie Clothing

Hello! I'm Liz, I’m a freelance costume cutter and maker living in Derbyshire and when I'm not making theatrical or historical costumes I make children's clothes, coats and baby shoes at Eric and Ernie- Clothing for Kids

I make little clothes for big dreamers. There is nothing more encouraging than the imagination of children and I like nothing more than making some of those dreams come true. It might be fun coats that they simply don't want to take off or a comfy romper giving them the freedom to run and play. For a large part of my career I have worked in pantomime costumes creating everything from cupcake fairy dresses to period frock coats. An industry that's fuelled by family, imagination and collaboration can't help but be an influence on my children's clothes.

I've been fortunate to work on a variety of theatrical productions as a costume maker over the last 14 years, these include pantomimes for Little Wolf Entertainment and First Family Entertainment, Shakespearean productions, various operas for Glyndebourne and Holland Park Opera, Musicals such as Wicked and Club Tropicana and theatrical productions for Curve Theatre and Derby Theatre.

My Etsy shop is Favourite my shop to receive a welcome discount.


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