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Give It Hornz

Hi folks

 I’m Ty from @giveithornz

I’ve been looking forward to this day to introduce myself as I’ve struggled keeping up to date with social media…I’ve had to take a full time job labouring outside to get by and pay the looming business costs of the old life!...

Once upon a time I was a carpenter and set builder in and around London working across a range of theatre shows, private events and high end parties... as my bookings started dropping off since the end of Feb, I needed something to do.

So I took up Leatherworking, got a lil set off eBay and started making some cool items for my friends and family. I instantly found a love for it and have created many unique pieces more as a challenge for myself and my sanity before looking at it as an income, but people seemed to like my work and I’ve had some very cool custom orders as a result. While I appreciate that some of you out there might have strong feelings against my material of choice, bear in mind that a leather item lasts a lifetime…much better than most manmade materials that end up in landfill!

Everything I make is hand cut, hand stitched, hand dyed, hand carved…fully handmade. (We don’t have room in our flat for machines) So if you need something bespoke made out of leather, that will last a lifetime with a @giveithornz touch, please check out my page like, comment and share ideas and feel free to email or DM me.



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