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Katie PritchArt

Hello! I am an award-winning Comedian, Actor, Musician, and Artist, with a fun and snazzy t-shirt and jumper brand that is suitable for all ages, genders, and sizes!  I really hope you enjoy my designs! I wanted them all to be fun, make you smile when you take them out of your wardrobe, and some of them will hopefully make you feel cool even? Not that you really need any help with that - you're already the coolest person I know! PHWOAR!! I was very sad to have lost all of my live theatre work this year, including Panto at Worthing Pavilion where rumor has it I might have got to do the can-can (gutted), a run at the Edinburgh Fringe, and a spooky little turn at the Soho Theatre too. BUT the show must go on, and this year I've discovered just how much I love to draw and design, so it's not all been completely terrible! I really hope you like my shenaniganary! Katie P xxx

Image Descriptions:

Left: Katie has draped herself over a kid’s rope ladder in a park in an attempt to look cool while modelling her new t-shirt range. It is important to note that Katie is not a professional model just the artist behind the range. She wears her KatiePritchArt grey Alien T-Shirt, which features a large green alien in the middle, with a grey space ship beaming up colourful cars, trees and mountains in reds, pinks, yellows, blues and oranges. Her website lies at the bottom of the photo -

Middle: Katie stands in front of a very colourful bright blue, purple, and pink graffiti’d wall in her Ally the Astronaut T-Shirt pointing both hands at the sky. She wears her Katie PritchArt tie-dyed t-shirt in white, blue and purple colours. The T-Shirt features her very obviously hand drawn astronaut who is in a giant astronaut suit with a helmet, and has a very smiley purple face. Just to make sure people know it’s a drawing of an astronaut because her artworks aren’t what people would describe as “life-like”, Katie has handwritten the word “Astronaut” above the artwork. Her website lies at the bottom of the photo -

Right: Katie is jumping in beautiful bush surrounded by bright green grass and daffodils. Katie is wearing her grey Katie PritchArt “When Harry Met Wormy” t-shirt, which features two worms creating the shape of a heart on the t-shirt - their tails cross at the bottom, and their heads meet at the top to form a heart. Her website lies at the bottom of the photo -]


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