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Strange Little Crafts

Hey all, my name's Melissa Robyn, the Strange Little Weirdo (a nickname I got from a fellow theatre worker).⁠

I have worked in the industry since 2016, and have been freelance for the last few years and based in Canterbury. I work primarily as a Lighting Technician but also dabble in stage management in amongst other things. I have also been a one-woman force before for a couple of amateur productions as their Technical Manager.⁠

Like a lot of people, I was furloughed from my job as the theatre industry shutdown. I was without work. Understandably, I got bored and I don't deal well with boredom. So I started to knit. And knit. And - strangely enough - knit some more. And when I wasn’t knitting ... I was knotting ... And so started my Strange Little Store of my handmade Strange Little Crafts.⁠

I am a huge nerd, and so a lot of my makes are inspired by things I'm passionate about, like musical theatre, Harry Potter and tv shows, and I love to celebrate the fandoms I'm a part of. I like using a variety of patterns and colours in my makes to give them that quirky appearance but can also show off something you are proud about. I also do commissions, so if there's a particular set of colours you want for a hat or a certain pattern for a bracelet, or a fandom I've not yet covered, just send me DM and I'll see what I can do.⁠

Crafting helped me get through lockdown, as it gave me something to occupy my mind while I waited for the theatre industry to reopen. Now that it's hopefully coming back, I plan to keep this little side hustle going whenever I can.⁠



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