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Tanya's Kitchen Cosmetics

Hello! I'm Tanya, a performer and producer from North London. During the first lockdown, I started to do my weekly food shops from online delivery companies (such as Hello Fresh) whilst avoiding the supermarkets, and I quickly had the idea to offer up a similar type of delivery service, but for skincare! I have always loved skincare products and worked at LUSH cosmetics for many years, so this was something that came extremely naturally to me. I was a Trainer for LUSH and know a lot about skin, ingredient knowledge, and natural cosmetics, and so TANYA's KITCHEN COSMETICS was born! I sell DIY product kits where I provide all portioned ingredients, a recipe card, reusable headband, bamboo pads, and a glass storage jar for the customer to make their own skincare product (fresh facemask) at home themselves. I select the ingredients for each person based on consultation so it will always be tailored and personal to you and your skin, depending on what you are looking for in a skincare product! Currently, I do door-to-door delivery in London due to the fresh nature of the ingredients, but am looking to potentially branch out in the future and sell across the UK.


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