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Anne-Marie Textiles

I have always dreamed of having my own printing business but never quite saw it happening this early on in my life, but hey things happen and I will not be giving up on working at the wonderful @Storyhousechester and working as a Trainee. I still have my goals that I want to achieve but for now we must do what we can right?  

So then the question stands of who I am, Who? What am I? Are often questions I have asked myself many many times throughout the years, but I have finally found the answer! I am a crazy colour mad, pattern clashing maniac! Hello a bit much?  Nah, let me introduce myself I am Anne-Marie Stanworth living in a small town in #NorthWales up on the #Horseshoepass, a beautiful location to create and be inspired. 

I will create just about anything for anyone whether it be fabric based, or more industrial. Personally hand dyed and handmade by me and the help of my sister Shelley. That is right we are family run! So why not check us out! have a certain vision in mind and can't find it on the racks. Look no further drop us a message and we will try our damndest to get you what you want! I try to be as eco-friendly as possible when it  comes to making and sending out my post. 

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