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Art by Izzy Canning

Hello! I'm Isabel and I'm the face behind @art_byizzycanning, where I make empowering nude art. I’m also an actor, and before the pandemic I made my theatre debut as cover Fanny Brice in Funny Girl at the Theatre Marigny in Paris. During lockdown I discovered a little hobby and a newfound love for painting - specifically in the area of nude art. Like so many people (especially in the performance world), my relationship with my own body and the way I look and feel in myself has been an ongoing journey. But finding nude art has had a massively positive impact on me, and I'm incredibly passionate about people being kind to their bodies and feeling confident in their skin. In my work, I paint bodies of all shapes and sizes, using bright colours to capture the beautiful shapes, lines and features we’ve been told are ‘imperfections’. It is my hope that everyone sees themselves represented in my art (I paint men too!) and that it helps people to embrace their bodies a little more, exactly as they are. ️ Find me on Instagram at @art_byizzycanning - come say hello and be a part of the wonderful community! You can buy prints of my art as well as bookmarks, tote bags and ornaments on Etsy at ‘ArtByIzzyStore’, and I also sell on Fy! Commissions are also available, so send me a message or email to find out more. Thank you!

[Image descriptions:

Left: Two ceramic heart decorations, hanging on a tree with black ribbon threaded through the top. Each heart has been painted with a nude female figure, one using pink and cream colours, and the other in blue, orange and yellows. There are trees and blue skies in the background.

Middle: A painting of a curvy woman in underwear posed from behind, in maroon, orange and yellow colours. The painting is edited onto a plain beige background. Right: A cotton tote bag printed with multiple art designs of nude women's bodies - of a variety of shapes and sizes and using lots of bright colours. The bag is hanging on a tree and set against a background of grass and trees.]


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