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Cabaret in a Caravan

Hi everyone, My name is Rebecca Lisewski and I’ve been performing in the West End and touring the world in musicals for the past 20 years (blimey that’s gone quick!) I was a day away from opening the show ‘The Ballroom Boys’ as lead singer with Vincent Simone and Ian Waite from Strictly Come Dancing, when disaster struck and all theatres closed due to... well you know what. So as I made my way home for lockdown, I decided that I needed to do something to keep me sane throughout. I decided to go live on Facebook and Instagram singing and telling stories from my little vintage caravan, Phyllis.

So on March 23rd, Day One of official lockdown, I went live to all my followers, and ‘Cabaret in a Caravan’ was born. I performed Monday - Friday at 6pm each night for 5 weeks with each week being a different genre and story. A few weeks in and I received a phone call from the creative director of a holiday company called Away Resorts. Who asked me to join their team live streaming from my caravan. I did my first live stream for them in June and I’ve been working for them ever since.

I have also performed over zoom for hen parties, birthday parties and also taken my caravan to pubs and performed in car parks. It’s been absolutely amazing. But I couldn’t have done it without my beloved caravans Phyllis and Winnie. Phyllis is where I stream inside from and Winnie is the one I take and tow the country for events.  I’m available to perform at parties, bar mitzvah’s, weddings and any jolly good knees ups. Please follow us on @cabaretinacaravan @winniethelittlecaravan 

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Sep 26, 2021

Hi thanks for posting this.

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