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Performer's Planner

Hi! This is Hannah from @performyourbest_

The Performer’s Planner is a mindfulness and productivity journal specifically for performers. A

planner that compliments the freelance lifestyle but that incorporates mindfulness and daily

journalling to help create positive daily habits. The planner also includes sections to prepare and reflect on auditions which is a valuable tool for success.

Whether you have just graduated Drama School or need to get back into the swing of things post-lockdown, this planner is for you!

Created by a performer, for performers.

Perfect for, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Models, Musicians, Presenters, Speciality Acts + More

For more information go to and follow @performyourbest_ for industry tips and more!

Right image:

Image Description: A light pink and white ring bound planner held open by a lady with long nude nails. She is holding a shiny rose gold pen and delicate rings on her fingers. Her hands are around the edge of the image with the majority of the image on the open page stating “Audition Mindset” in calligraphy on the upper left. Under the main heading is a range of questions with pink boxes for the user to fill in their answers. Questions include “What do I need to prepare?” And “Things that went well in the audition/casting.”

Middle Image:

Image Description: Placed on top of sheet music, lies the ‘Performer’s Planner’. The planner is

gold ring bound with a light pink and white slightly geometric pattern, with a diamond in the middle holding the text ‘PERFORM YOUR BEST EVERYDAY’. There is a shiny gold pen lay on top on an angle.

Left Image:

Image Description: A half page open spread of the ‘Performer’s Planner’ open on a daily journal page. The gold ring bound traces the left hand side of the image displaying the pages content with a rose gold pen lying diagonally across the page. The page is white with light pink boxes for the user to fill in when answering what they are grateful for and their daily schedule and to do lists.


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