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Hello, I’m Ella, maker and owner of ellastrations!

In a pre-Covid world I was an Assistant Stage Manager on Only Fools and Horses the Musical at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

In March 2020, I found myself without any work and a lot of free time. I took an online class in Faux Calligraphy and started to use my new skill to make greetings cards for friends and family. Along with most Stage Managers, I have a burning love for all things stationery and I quickly became sucked in to the beautiful world of pointed pen calligraphy. In August, my partner suggested trying to sell cards on Instagram and my wonderful friends started sharing my work and I began building a wonderfully supportive client base.

In January this year I launched, alongside my cards, larger personalised custom items. So far I’ve had the pleasure of making pieces for Birthdays, Anniversaries and new nurseries. I am super excited to launch some different products this year, and I plan to continue making over @_ellastrations alongside theatre work (whenever we return!)

Please get in touch via @_ellastrations (Instagram) @handmadebyellastrations (Facebook) & ellastrationscards (Etsy) with any questions or ideas you might have!

Thank you,

Ella x

[Image Descriptions:

RIGHT: The poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling is written out in lines in black ink onto the centre of white A2 card, with 'Rudyard Kipling' added in the bottom right hand corner. I am holding the piece in the doorway of a shed.

MIDDLE: The words ‘three hundred & sixty five’ are written in large calligraphy that covers the charcoal A6 card in iridescent copper ink with copper splatters. The card is being held in sunlight with a red brick wall in the background.

LEFT: The quote reads ‘turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you’. It is written in white ink in large modern calligraphy and splattered with white over the top on black card. The piece is framed in a black frame and sits on a wooden desk against a brick wall with a bookshelf in the background.]


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