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Gina Warnes Costume

Hi, since the theatres shut, I set up Gina Warnes Costume, well because I'm Gina Warnes and I normally work in Costume. I was Wardrobe Deputy on the tour of 'Beautiful - The Carol King Musical' on that fatefully day last March and can't wait to get back in the theatre.

In the meantime, I'm staying behind my sewing machine and creating some handmade items for others to enjoy. I focus on scrunchies and washable coasters which are great gift ideas or as a little present for yourself. I'd like to think I have a fabric, colour and pattern for everyone so please take a look at my full collection on Instagram or Etsy.

I'm Gina Warnes Costume on everything, Instagram - @ginawarnescostume Etsy - Facebook -

[Image Descriptions:

Left - A circle of 22 overlapping fabric coasters, all are square but are in various colours and patterns, in greys, blues, green, oranges and beiges with strips and geometric patterns. These are photographed on a white background with a turquoise boarder.

Middle - A layout of 9 square images. Top left is an ivory and jade velvet scrunchie in a blonde female's hair. Top middle is a set of 4 stacked green tartan fabric coasters. Top right is mug of coffee on an orange geometric fabric coaster. Middle left is black scrunchie with yellow and pink floral pattern. Centre in a logo of thread spool and needle in black on a turquoise background. Middle right is orange scrunchie with black floral print. Bottom left is a set of 4 stacked beige fabric coasters with pink geometric print. Bottom middle is a black and white dogtooth scrunchie. Bottom right is a turquoise scrunchie in a blonde female's hair. All are photographed on a white background with turquoise boarders in-between.

Right - A layout of 3 photos, top photo is of 11 velvet scrunchies in varying colours including greens, blues, reds and greys. Bottom left photo is 3 cotton scrunchies in floral patterns all with a white base and pink and orange designs. Bottom right photo is 6 cotton scrunchies all in tartan designs in greys, blues and oranges. All are photographed on a white background with turquoise boarders in-between.]

#Scrunchies #WashableCoasters #Homemade #Velvet #Tartan #Stripes #Floral

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