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Homeslice Painting

Hello Everyone! My name is Jo, and I run Homeslice Painting. I am a Scenic Artist based in Glasgow, and I freelance all over the UK painting for all sorts of Theatre productions, film and tv, festivals and events. Like all of the other lovely sellers and makers on this page I found myself out of work and trying not to panic when we went into Lockdown. I spent the time at home working on my painting skillset and took up practicing lettering and sign writing. I began sharing what I had been working on online and before long people were asking to buy! (Which still blows my mind and warms my heart so thank you so much). All of the wood I use for my signage has been rescued from the skips and scrap bins of workshops, and I am so pleased to be able to give it a second life; painted all bright and hanging in someone's home! My designs are colourful and cheeky and I am so happy to now have this side hustle.

[Image Descriptions:

Left: The words 'Hell Yeah' are painted onto a wooden sign with a white background and bright coloured rainbow stripes. The sign is placed on a shelf next to a cactus in a pink plant pot.

Middle: The words 'Shit Hot', have been painted onto a wooden sign. The words are painted in a retro looking font in bright pastel colours. There is a trail of little white stars behind the words.

Right: A close up of a hand-painted wooden sign, the words "Fuck Yeah" have been painted onto pastel rainbow stripes. The letters are painted to look 3-dimensional.]


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