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Katrina Mansfield Artist

Hi I’m Kat, I work as a freelance artist creating 'fluid art animal inks'. I used to work as stage crew in the West End (Mamma Mia, Guys and Dolls, The Girls to name just a few) as well as doing some regional Stage Management in York and Leeds and have now set up as a freelance artist. I paint brightly coloured animals using alcohol based ink and a ‘fluid art’ process which involves letting the ink flow across the paper to create unique patterns and blends. I have fine art giclee (high quality) prints, greetings cards and postcards for sale via my website or on Etsy. All my products are recyclable or biodegradable/compostable and vegan friendly.

[Image Descriptions:

Left: The image depicts a collection of 10 greetings cards all representing a vibrant painting of an animal. In order, from the top left, the animals are: a pink flamingo, a red squirrel, an orange and yellow sloth, a blue and orange kingfisher, a multi coloured caligo butterfly (also known as an owl butterfly), a blue and green hare, a purple and pink racoon, a red breasted robin, a blue and white bearded collie dog and a green and brown stag deer.

Middle: The image depicts a brightly coloured fox flying through the air mid pounce. The fox’s bright colours are orange, yellow and pink with brown ears and paws and a white underside to its chin and chest and a white tip to its tail. The fox is surrounded by ink spatters that accentuate its movement.

Right: The image depicts a brightly coloured flamingo standing on one leg in a body of water. The flamingo is bright pink all over with a black tip to its beak. The image of the flamingo is set is a black frame. The frame is positioned standing on a wooden floor leaning up against a wall with a set of drawers next to it on the right and another picture frame on the floor to its left. There is a light above the framed image of the flamingo which draws the viewers eye in. The setting represents a room in which a buyer may hang a paintings like the one described.]


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