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Lib's Cards

Hi, I’m Libby, and I run a small handmade watercolour card business called Lib’s Cards. It’s

all about encouraging the sending of lovely things to your favourite people whenever you

feel like it, with no need for an occasion.

Before I started my business, I had been working front of house at the Lyceum Theatre in

London where The Lion King plays. Having moved to London for this job it very quickly

became home to me, and somewhere I really looked forward to going.

Since theatres have been closed, Lib’s Cards has become my new purpose and I’m grateful

for it everyday. I think my commissions are what makes my brand different; it’s not always

easy to find a card to match a person and that’s I hope where I come in. People can ask me

for anything and I’m always so happy to oblige, I’ve painted everything from otters holding

hands, to afternoon tea, to the BoJack Horseman.

Sustainability plays a key role in the running of Lib’s Cards. I make sure my packaging is

entirely recyclable or biodegradable and I include a small plantable lavender patch and a

free gift tag (in replacement of a business card) in every order.

Everything I do is done by hand, by me, usually with songs from musicals keeping me

company. You can find me at @libscards or

[Image Descriptions:

Left– watercolour painted flowers in various shades of pink coming off a thin

brown branch with green leaves of different shapes. The painting is done on a plain white

A6 card and the card is displayed on a background of a dark pink sheet and sheer spotty

tissue paper. Some cream twine is laid around the card. A lilac round Lib’s Cards logo is at

the bottom left of the image.

Middle – a postcard is on the left with three flowers of differing heights, the first flower,

tall with two green leaves and a head of pink flowers with yellow spotted centre. The

second flower is shorter, two smaller leaves, and a blue petals with yellow spotted centre.

The third flower is slightly shorter than the first, one green leaf, and a head of purple petals

off to the side. Layered underneath this postcard is another postcard with a blurb about

Lib’s Cards. Underneath these cards are two rectangle lightly coloured gift tags each with a

hole at the top and twine coming out. The one on the left is blank except for the words ‘for

you’ and the one on the right has a purple flower with a green leaf. A lilac round Lib’s Cards

logo is at the bottom left of the image.

Right – watercolour painted lion cub sitting in grass made of varying shades of green. The

lion cub is painted on a plain white card, and the card is on a background of textured cream

with some dried eucalyptus leaves at the top left. A lilac round Lib’s Cards logo is at the

bottom left of the image.]


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