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Hello, I’m Emmy, owner and creator of @macramemmy. I first learned macramé in May

2019 after attending a workshop at a festival. I fell in love with it there and then, in a very

windy field! I have spent most of my career as a freelance Stage Manager, but more recently

have settled into a job at the Wales Millennium Centre in my hometown of Cardiff.

Unfortunately due to Covid, my role was made part-time, so I decided to make my hobby a

small business to fill my spare days, and @macramemmy was born!

I love to share my creations and create bespoke custom orders for anyone with specific

ideas. All of my pieces are made with natural recycled cotton rope, and I often collect pretty

driftwood from my local beach to use and make each order unique. Please feel free to check

out my Instagram page to see the range of things I can do @macramemmy and see my Etsy

shop here: Or feel free to DM me to discuss a custom order!

[Image Descriptions:

Left: A large round mirror with macramé knotted in natural rope around it,

in the shape of a flower mandala. It is mounted on a bedroom wall. There is a large green

leafy plant on a shelf next to the mandala mirror, and a black and white wall hanging to the

right of it.

Middle: A large triangular macramé wall hanging with alternating soft white,

mustard, eucalyptus green and dark green coloured rope. It is knotted onto a long piece of

natural driftwood, and hung with a single piece of rope on a hook, on a cream bedroom

wall. It has spiral shaped macramé strands knotted on either side in the same colours,

hanging down to compliment the central piece. There is a large forest green velvet armchair

underneath with a comfy orange pillow on it. To the right of the hanging on a windowsill,

there is a luscious green ZZ plant in a white and yellow pot.

Right: A bright and cheerful mustard yellow macramé handbag, made with

square shaped knots and tassels, with dark natural wooden handles.]


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