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Mcroft Props

Hey. I'm Dawn, I'm a 'Jack-of-all-Trades' Theatre Technician who has worked all over but primarily in London. Before I ventured backstage I trained and worked as a Prop Maker. Fortunately, it has been something I was able to keep going as a little side hustle and hobby while freelancing and I dived back into it when we were banned from theatres - and @mcroft_props sprouted!

I've built props and other items for a variety of productions, for stage, and screen. Armour and practical props are a personal favourite of mine but I like to stretch my making muscles by using different materials and learning different processes. During lockdown I played around with some new crafts and upcycling. I occasionally throw things up to sell when I have them.

There aren't many props or build projects I'm not interested in. The whole process fascinates me. If you'd like to know more or have a project that needs props, send me a DM and we'll chat!


[Image Descriptions: Left: Three images. Top left: a wooden animal crate with the words 'danger' and 'mice' stencilled on. Top right: a wicker basket containing five oversized Viennese whirl biscuit props. Bottom: Two large sculpted puffin puppets with a large glittery orange 'ginger' jar between them. Middle: Three images. Top Image: Cobblestone paint effect on floorset piece. Bottom left: Turquoise and gold brick paint effect on cork pinboard. Bottom right: Fullsize faux fireplace in white. Right: Three images. Top left: angled shot of leather armour bodice with faux metal accessories. Bottom left: Aluminium gauntlet. Right: Golden bracer with a double-headed dragon emblem.]


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