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Rosie M Paints

Hi, my name is Rosie and I run @rosiempaints ! When not in a global pandemic, I’m a Freelance Stage Manager, but have been painting (and doodling after matinees) for years. After lockdown hit, I was lucky to be able to turn to my art full time working on finally setting up an online platform. I solidly use oil paints on a variety of different subjects but my three most common are: Movie Art, Pet Portraits and Disney Stills. My most recent 2021 project is 12 months of portraits of favourite fictional females, celebrating women each month! I’m always happy to talk about commissions, and have recently started selling my art prints on Etsy!

[Image Descriptions:

Left: An oil painting of a still from Disney’s film Hercules (1997). The still is of the characters Meg and Hercules in front of a forest background. The painting is placed on a light blue knitted background.

Middle: An oil painting of a still from Ridley Scott’s film Alien (1979) of the main chatter Ellen Ripley in a space helmet on a black background.

Right: An oil painting of a black and white cat on a white background.]


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